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What the FAQ?

How frequently do you update?
I aim for Mondays, but I am far from perfect.

What programs do you use?
I recently started using Paint Tool Sai 2. Before that it was Sai 1 for the art and Photoshop for the text and borders.

Is this comic available anywhere else?
Yes. It is uploaded in full to my DeviantArt page. It is also partially available on SmackJeeves, but I will no longer be uploading there. If you see it anywhere else, I am not the one hosting it.

Is this your first webcomic?
Nope. I used to do another pokemon one with a friend called PMD Evolution; he'd write and I'd draw. Unfortunately we've both moved on to other interests, but if you want to read it anyway, feel free. Just be aware that it does leave off on a cliffhanger. The writer actually plans on recycling the current cast/plot into something original some day, so continuing isn't an option without some major overhauls and... I'd rather just move onto my own things, you know? Rest in WIP Evo.

What's the Radiant Guild?
It's a collection of webcomics from various artists. Simple as that! If you want to see more cool comics, be sure to check it out!

Is there anything else I should know?
I do have a Discord if you want to drop by! Just click here.